Our company, German Hospital Service, specializes in assisting international patients when they are looking for treatment possibilities in top hospitals in Germany. Our services include:

  • Review the medical documentation provided by the patients for completeness, and format it for the easy scrutiny by our medical consultants
  • Contact one or more physicians who are reputed specialists in the field that is relevant for the patient, provide the medical documentation and arrange an appointment for out-patient examination or in-patient treatment
  • Provide information on the treatment possibilities to the patient
  • Obtain a cost estimate by the hospital administration and an official letter of treatment confirmation for the visa application if appropriate
  • Contact the consulate authorities to assist with visa issues
  • Arrange the arrival of the patients, transfer to the hospital for treatment or hotel accomodation for the patient and anyone who is accompanying the patient
  • Assistance with the hospital administration and with the doctor for the initial examinations
  • Assistance during hospital treatment for the patient and any accompanying persons
  • Assistance with the final bills: Check for correctness and make sure that any surpluses from the advance payment are really refunded.
  • Assistance with any tourist or rehabilitation programms after the acute hospital phase.

To facilitate patient referrals to Germany, we have launched a special language service. Here we offer to provide translations of all relevant documents and a host of other language related services between English, German and Russian.. Please check out for fair translation prices and professional quality:
www.deutsch.languages4you.eu for customers with German as origin language
www.english.languages4you.eu for customers coming from English
www.russkij.languages4you.eu for customers with Russian origin.


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